What We Do

The AXIOS Program is geared towards investing in the next generation of workforce by mentoring and equipping them to discover their purpose in life and learn how to use their gifting to impact their community positively.

How Do I register?

You can register at your participating school. If your school doesn’t offer Axios, drop Alex a note Here

What if I am out of high school/college, can I still register?

Yes, please contact Alex Here

What is the cost?
The typical cost is $300 per student, however businesses can sponsor a student. We ask, in return, that the student does some community service. We are thankful for our community businesses who keep this price low for students by supporting Axios.

What we Do

The AXIOS Program takes a holistic approach through workforce development, education, faith, and collaboration in preparing this young generation of workforce to be innovative and have an entrepreneurial mindset. We use evidence-based curriculum and tools to build character and come alongside them to discover how they are wired


Provide support to graduate from high school



Assist students to explore best post-secondary training for their career goals such as technical school, a two- or four-year degree



Connect students to high demand jobs



Connect companies and organizations with students who are interested in their industries


Talents & Skills

Link participants to career fields best suited to their talents and skills



Develop personal qualities that translate into successful job performance and retention

Invest in youth and your community

both now and for the future